The cells compose the basis for the efficiency of a storage system. LIACON has one of the most modern vertically integrated production plants for large-scale lithium titanate polymer cells and produces exclusively in Germany.

The cell design has been optimized to meet the high demands of stationary industrial applications. The LIACON cell technology particularly distinguishes itself by:

  • Highest service life, calendrical as well as relating to charge and discharge cycles (up to 20.000 charge and discharge cycles are possible)
  • Highest efficiency (of up to 99%)
  • Highest intrinsic safety and reliability of all lithium technologies
  • Highest depth of discharge without impairing cycle life (up to 100% DoD)
  • High C-rate at charge and discharge state
  • Lithium-ion polymer cell design with optimal heat dissipation

Hochleistungs Lithium-Titanat Batterien