LIACON Batteries

The company emerged out of close cooperation with the German Fraunhofer Institutes ISIT (Institute for Silicon Technology, Itzehoe) and ISE (Institute for Solar Energy, Freiburg). From the outset, we clearly focussed on stationary, high-performance and highly efficient energy storage systems as well as on selected mobile applications.

To prevent losing sight of these focuses, we are pursuing a clear company strategy:

  • Use of decades of research and development know-how for high-end energy storage systems
  • Optimized technology for stationary applications: Peak Shaving, Balancing, Buffering
  • High vertical range of production with in-house cell production, module and system production in Germany
  • State-of-the Art Technology with large-scale lithium titanate polymer cells

With this strategy, we demand the following of our products:

  • Highest performance and reliability of our systems
  • Highest quality and safety standard

Hochleistungs Lithium-Titanat Batterien